New Chauncey Housing

Office:  279 Littleton Street, West Lafayette, IN 47906
Phone: (765) 743-6244
Please contact for more information or to make an appointment.


New Chauncey Housing Incorporated (NCHI), is a non-profit housing organization for West Lafayette and Lafayette.  Our goal is to assist low to moderate income persons or families find affordable quality housing within the city limits of West Lafayette and Lafayette.

The purpose of our organization is two-fold.  We seek to stabilize neighborhoods by slowing the conversion of single-family homes to rental units and provide affordable housing to low to moderate income persons or families.  This works to preserve the historic nature and value of neighborhoods.

We accomplish these goals by buying a home that is in danger of becoming a rental property, supervising the rehabilitation of the home, and marketing the home to income qualified persons and families. A person is eligible to buy a home from NCHI if he or she earns $39,000 or less per year. A family of four may earn $55,700 or less per year. The person or family must also be able to qualify for a mortgage, and must be willing to stay in the home for a minimum of ten years or be willing to repay the subsidy with the proceeds of the sale of the home.

NCHI Brochure